South Florida’s first from-the-ground-up all-digital, high-definition broadcast facility. The two-story facility includes two studios, a satellite tower, office and administrative and data storage areas as well as a hardened exterior and multiple layers of redundant electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to allow continuous operation in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. It is built for uninterrupted power, with two large-scale generators and a UPS battery system. The all-digital facility, which includes more than 200 television monitors, has over 100 miles of low-volt cabling, 50,000 feet of electrical conduit connecting the studios and satellite dishes and 20,000 square feet of access flooring inside the building.

Project Details

Client: WPLG TV

Architect: Rees Associates

Size: 71,600 SF

Awards: 20 CASF Craftsmanship Awards including Best Overall Project


WPLG New Building Time Lapse

Miller Construction