Omni Office Conversion MIAMI, FL

The Omni is a landmark reborn, on a massive scale, with its sleek glass skin reflecting the Miami skyline. This project transformed former retail space at the 1970s-era mall into a state-of-the-art, Class A office address. The highly-complex, 24-month reconstruction project modernized five floors on the south end of the property requiring innovative approaches to link the mall’s three independent structures, which were built at different times. A logistical challenge during construction was maintaining a smooth traffic flow and ensuring public safety in and around the congested site – a cooperative effort between Miller and several city and state agencies.

The project team spent a great deal of time in preconstruction, analyzing the most cost-efficient ways to design the mechanical systems as well as the exterior building envelope. The project’s size made “green” issues critical.  A heat-reflective roofing system and low-emissivity (low-E) exterior glazing reduce the amount of energy needed for air conditioning. A building energy management system monitors and optimizes the building’s energy use while assuring tenant comfort.

Project Details

Client: Argent Ventures

Architect: Robin Bosco Architects & Planners, Arquitectonica Interiors

Size: 316,466 SF

Awards: 7 CASF Craftsmanship Awards

Miller Construction