Manufacturing, Warehouse & Office Renovation Deerfield Beach, FL

This full interior and exterior renovation was a phased project. In addition to providing upscale office space, the two-story structure serves as a production and distribution facility. The project team reconfigured interior manufacturing and warehouse space to enhance workflow by constructing a complex roof structure, expanding a concrete mezzanine and installing interior air quality monitoring and exhaust systems geared to suit the client’s needs.  Every aspect of the space reflects the desire to create an exceptional and aesthetic environment. Stretch ceilings with LED lighting above a layer of stretched, translucent vinyl ensure bright yet soft lighting, and interior glass partitions give work spaces an open feel.  The building’s aging exterior was given a sleek, updated look with energy-saving exterior insulation finish system over stucco, and the installation of low-emitting glass.

Project Details

Client: Private

Architect: FSMY

Size: 93,955 SF

Awards: 6 CASF Craftsmanship Awards, including Project of the Year

Miller Construction