This massive service center provides the full range of services for the regional automotive retailer’s nearby dealerships. The facility incorporates the look and feel of BMW’s and MINI’s distinctive corporate branding standards at every turn. Craftsmanship and high-end finishes include decorative stainless steel screening and 60,000 square feet of durable, imported clinker tile. As Holman Automotive’s largest single facility, the tilt-wall structure includes 52 service lifts in the fully air-conditioned repair space, ground level and elevated parking for 552 cars, administrative offices for both dealerships, customer café, a lounge and gift shop for each brand, detail bays, a state-of-the-art carwash, and three levels of mezzanine rack storage for the parts department.

Project Details

Client: Holman Automotive

Architect: FSMY

Size: 209,023 SF

Awards: (5) CASF Craftsmanship Awards, including Best Overall Craftsmanship (1) City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance


Holman Automotive is part of the Holman Enterprises family of businesses and is one of the largest privately-owned dealership groups in the United States, with 36 dealership franchises representing 17 brands from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest. In addition to dealerships, Holman operates a leasing and auto retail finance company, a consumer and commercial insurance agency, an auto parts distributorship, a truck upfitting business, and the largest privately-owned fleet leasing and management company in the country.

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