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As Miller’s team builds a next-generation, 240-rack drystack marina in the bustling 17th Street Causeway district, intensive planning and coordination are delivering efficient, cost-saving solutions. Before erecting the massive 1,750-ton structural steel frame, Miller is working with FPL to convert overhead power lines to an underground run, without impacting the area’s existing utilities.

The second fully automated drystack marina of its type in the U.S., F3 Marina will feature a wet well with two lifts positioning boats up to 46 feet long to be raised by a high-tech crane. Knowing the crane would be shipped in 100-foot-long sections, Miller’s team identified and resolved clearance issues during preconstruction to smoothly coordinate installation within the project’s schedule.

The 130-foot-high, hurricane hardened structure will include 700 precast concrete panels and 26,000 square feet of curtain wall glass. Located on a tight site in a busy tourism and marine area with residential neighborhoods nearby, the project demands precise staging and traffic coordination throughout the duration of construction.

Project Details

Client: Founders 3

Architect: Rinka

Size: 59,000 SF

Miller Construction