801 Lincoln Road Retail Complex MIAMI, FL

This project marries a historic, streamline-modern style building to a cast-in-place concrete structure. The dramatic, three-dimensional glass curtain wall demanded the construction team’s precise coordination, advanced technology and exacting craftsmanship. In addition to the new construction, the project team completed renovations of the existing building while five separate tenants continued to operate their seven-day-a-week businesses. Modifying the portion of the Deco-style building that fronts Lincoln Road involved re-routing the tenant power, water, and sewer and then expanding those utility connections back into the new building, while ensuring tenant operations would continue smoothly. Logistics, traffic and pedestrian safety were a high priority on this very challenging project.

Project Details

Client: Terranova Corporation

Architect: Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners

Size: 31,723 SF


801 Lincoln Road DRONE 8 2017

Miller Construction