An Inspiring Contradiction

II inspiring contradiction

Change is the engine driving South Florida’s commercial construction industry growth. But in our company, harnessing that rapid change to increase value for our clients demands holding fast to some timeless ideas.

Today’s technology makes more complex, exciting designs buildable, while giving us tools to compress schedules, communicate faster and control costs. We’ve moved aggressively to replace legacy systems with advanced technology in recent years.

Being cloud-based, we bring clients amped up speed, real-time communications, open-book accountability and accuracy. Our project managers and superintendents have instant, on-site access to their projects’ detailed plans on tablets via PlanGrid software. System-wide use of Office 365 and SharePoint software gives the team access to files from any location, to enhance responsiveness. Creating building-operations training videos as we finish projects is helping clients save time and money by preparing their maintenance staffs to keep buildings running smoothly.

New tools are terrific, but they need to work in the service of ideas. Miller Construction Company’s core values remain our business’ greatest strength. Always working as our clients’ advocate, from preconstruction to delivery, sounded a bit naïve when we started the company over 40 years ago, but it remains non-negotiable. Because every Miller teammate shares that approach, 80% of our business comes from repeat clients, and our relationships with many of South Florida’s leading businesses, across industries, are decades long.

Our multi-generational team continues growing, from Miami-Dade through the Treasure Coast. By nature, they’re innovators and early adapters. So how will Miller’s bedrock ideas stay in sharp focus?

Every member of our team knows there are some things – like instinctively putting the client’s interests first – that you just can’t teach people. Those personal values, along with proven results and expertise, are the key attributes of every Miller teammate. So, the future is looking great.