5 Design-Build Strategies for Successful Projects

Value design® beats value engineering – every time.

Creating a team with an experienced architect and a knowledgeable General Contractor at the early conceptual stage of a project prevents re-design if the building exceeds an owner’s budget.

Identify true costs at the concept stage.

For new buildings, a contractor with deep preconstruction capabilities provides accurate estimates to advise owners on the right structural and mechanical systems.

For renovations, learn the real costs up front.

Learn up-front costs to add square footage, change layouts and improve building aesthetics for renovations. Miller assists in the analysis of mechanical systems, the building envelope and hurricane rating.

Devil is in the details.

Early constructability input trims schedules and prevents surprises. Look to the team’s General Contractor for the most buildable, cost effective way to design an anchoring canopy, a mezzanine slab or other unique details.

Insist on great communication.

What should you expect? Miller will provide product research and options for presentation to clients and will participate in regular design coordination meetings to provide meaningful input.